The six spirit weapons of China are weapons that contain the powers of the elements of China and the spiritual essence as well granting their wielder to be partially connected to the weapon's pacific realm where they can be acquired when there is a fracture in the barrier of mortal reality allowing souls to pass through to other realms of reality without having to die first or allow creatures from the spirit realm passover to the mortal realm to do as they so desire.

Weapon Current


Realm of


Abilities Attribute to

the Wielder

Set name
Blade of Discord Sima Yi Crimson Night Plain Can Consume the life energy of the wicked sending their soul to the Crimson Night Plain to live out their afterlife in eternal suffering and agony. Gives the wielder the knowledge of their opponents most heinous sin allow the wielder to decide where the soul will go to in the afterlife. Reaper's Requiem
The Silent Guardian's blade Sima Yi Echo Ipara plain Can absorb offensive demonic spells and deflect the energy of the spell back at the caster with quadruple the strength of the original spell in the form of a beam of light blue light. Grants the wielder the knowledge of their opponent's good deeds in life and judge their soul if the person is really deserving to be sent to the Crimson Night plain or rewarded in going to the Echo Ipara plain Reaper's Requiem
Blizzard's night blade Cao Cao Eterna



Can create a blinding snowstorms surrounding the area in a twenty mile radius cloaking the area in a 1.5 ft high blanket of black snow and plunging the temperature to almost -18 degrees fahrenheit. Grants the wielder the ability to create illusionary copies of their self.This blade allows the wielder to manipulate water and the shadows as he sees fit Frozen Nightmare
string of hallowed souls Sun Jian Crimson

Night plain

The bow can manipulate the minds of those around it to fight to the death with blinding rage to gain the soul it desires. The radius affected grows as more souls succumb to it's will. The bow allows the user slip between the crimson night plane and the mortal plain at any point when they so desire and command the creatures of the Crimson Night plain as their own person demonic army.This weapon also allows the wielder to cloak themselves in a ten foot radius of darkness that can't be penetrated by even the brightest of light sources once a day for ten minutes. Tormented


Keeper's Venom Kusarigama Liu Bei Hunted



The blade secretes a form of neuro toxin that attacks the victim's voluntary nervous system that completely paralyzes the victim eventually causing permanent nerve damage causing the victim to be paralyzed from the neck down for the remainder of their life if they don't receive the antidote in the first half our of the toxin entering their bloodstream.The obsidian chain can deplete a person's stamina by draining their soul.After sixty percent of the soul has been removed the body will start to shut down as the brain loses its primary functions that keep the necessary internal organs active.Finally the barbed weight secretes a venom that attacks the optic nerves effectively causing the person to go blind.If the antidote is not administered in the first permanent damage to the optic nerve will occur and if its not administered in the first two hours after the venom has entered the body the person will be permanently blind. This kusarigama allows the wielder to detect spiritual energy and how powerful it is and where its located within a fifty mile radius.It can also allow the wielder to have heightened scenses and shapeshift into a humanoid verson and understand any animal of their chooseing. Soul


Serpent's Fang Duel Naginata Guo Wei Hunted



Can create a physical manifestation of a form of an Uwabami that primarily consumes humans that it deems unworthy of wielding it. This weapon can also lure animalistic prey by releasing a form of transverse sound wave that causes the prey's delta and beta brain waves to become connected putting them into a trance like state. To any human with an average brain activity this sound would sound would sound like the warning signs of a rattlesnake. Can control the minds of yokai even if they are also under the influence of the Meido spirit staff by using the wielder's spiritual energy. Can tear a soul from it's container also capable of harming the soul and destroying it so it can't reincarnate. Death's




Zhang Jiao Void Commands and feed the Overseers and corrupts the mind of all those who enter the realm that are trying to obtain its powers

Decide what realm of reality a person gets teleported to if their caught by the void watchers

Grants the wielder the control of the fates of all those who died and the wandering spirits that have yet to obtain a body and control those spirits. Can creates portals to alternate realities of the wielder choosing. Oculus