"From order there are those who seek chaos, and from chaos there are those who seek order"
~ Sima Yi speaking to his sons

Welcome to Night Fall

What would happen if someone would have broken the balance between this world and the next? What would you do if something was meddling around with the order of life and death as their personal plaything to plunge the world into chaos? Night Fall is fan made website based around the world of constant warfare that is Dynasty Warriors. Most of the characters will follow their canon personalities, but may act ooc at times due to the scenario they have been placed in.

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I am choosing to make this story interactive so if you have a character that you would like to see in the story in a certain manner please notify me and I can see what I can do.Also note that by contributing to this wiki, Riddler236646 or "Riddler" for short reserve the right to use your ideas as their own, and claim them as their own if they do so wish. Night Fall is strictly fan fiction and does not correspond to actual Chinese history.

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