So you want to contribute to the wiki, eh? Welp, I hope your character idea is ready, because your work is cut out for you! Copy the text below the line (excluding the contents box!) and fill in what's needed! This will be updated as time goes! Also, delete the little "edit" tabs!

"Put a quote about your character here!"
~And put who said it and when it was said here!
Very briefly describe your character here!

Appearance Edit Edit

Talk about how your character looks!

Personality Edit Edit

How does your character act?

Backstory Edit Edit

Every character has one! What's yours?

Section One Edit Edit

It is recommended

Section Two Edit Edit

That every backstory

Section Three Edit Edit

Has at least three sections!

Explain different parts of your character's life with each section!

Combat Edit Edit

How does your character fight? Summarize here!

Frequent CQC Moves Edit Edit

  • What kind of
  • hand to hand moves
  • does your character use?

Briefly explain how your character uses weapons, if they do! If they don't, disregard the weapons section!

Purchased Weapons/Tools Edit Edit

Has your character purchased weapons? Or had a purchased weapon passed down to them?

  • If so,
  • make a list
  • of those weapons!

Hand-Crafted Weapons Edit Edit

Does your character make weapons?

  • If so,
  • make a list
  • of those weapons!

Things frequently used as weapons (in the environment) Edit Edit

  • If your character
  • uses the environment
  • as a weapon,
  • explain the objects
  • they use!

Make a subheading for special weapons! Edit Edit

Tools and Mounts Edit Edit

Mounts Edit Edit

This is the only tools and mount section so far! What kind of mount does your character have?

Ability Edit Edit

Does your character have an ability ? If so, they use spiritual energy! Read the page on life force to understand it a bit, and then determine whether your character uses - spiritual energy, + spiritual energy, or both, and if they use =. Then, make a table of powers like this!

Ability Spiritual Energy Effect Side effects to the User
Soul Drain 5 - Drains the the victim's life energy turning it to hollowed shell May partially drain caster's soul if used improperly
Illusion 5 + Creates an illusionary copy of the caster May accidently slip to another reality


25 = Bends the will of others using the caster mind and soul. (Foe must have a brain) *beware of overuse* Can cause migraines and temporary weakness if used to long. Can cause complete exhaustion paralyzes or cause the user to slip into an irreversible coma in the more extreme cases. *Victims can also suffer from these symptoms as well*

If your character doesn't have an ability, disregard this section!

Lifestyle Edit Edit

Your character has to live! How do they do so? Any weird things they do? Do any of their flaws get in the way?

Trivia Edit Edit

  • List some interesting facts here!