The Crimson Night plain is a plain of reality that can only be described as a purgatory on Earth. It's a form of reality that is corrupt parallel of our own reality.When the veil came down parts of China became corrupted by this reality becoming uninhabitable to life that exist in the mortal plain and the echo ipara plain. Most of the landscape consist of even greater destruction than what is currently faced in the mortal plain. This dimension is to even greater dangers than the yokai and oni. Filled with different failed experiments as well as tormented souls of the fallen only those brave or crazy enough could hope to enter this place and conquer it. This plain is also filled with different weapons and artifacts that are capable of causing mass devastation to the surrounding populace if they have a wielder with the corresponding counter artifact from the echo ipara plain. The Crimson Night plain never look the same for any two or groups of people since the reality itself can change it's appearance based on one's soul, fears, and memories.