What causes the ability phenomenon? Edit

Most soldier and civilians who have managed to escape the initial collapse have the gained some form of an ability of from the dimension that was connected to the rift that was closest to where they were at the time of the collapse. This occurrence did not affected all because of certain traits in their DNA; while those who were affected had their DNA mutated to accommodate their new found powers.

What are the different kind of ability and what plain are they related to? Edit

Currently speaking there are five known plains of reality. The five plains are "Echo Ipara (+), Crimson Night (-), The Void (=), Eterna Frostica ( /), and the Hunted Wilderness (x). Each dimension grants a person certain abilities that are unique to the dimension connecting their soul to that plain of reality.Beside allowing the user to tap into their own spiritual essence to command their ability each ability has some form of side effect passed on to the user the more they use their ability some more costly than others. Each ability has a certain spiritual energy cost.

Echo Ipara Plain Edit

The Echo Ipara is commonly linked to mental balance and equilibrium and more often than not used by those with good intentions and sound mind. Most abilities associated with this dimension are abilities that deal with mind and soul manipulation of human souls as well as physical, mental, and spiritual healing from lingering effects of other abilities

Even though most people have abilities unique to them each dimension have certain abilities that are common to each person whose soul is linked to that respected plain.

Here are the abilities that all souls that are connected to Echo Ipara plain can use

Ability Cost Effect
Mending 30 + to cast on user

50 + to cast on others

Heal any injury large or small on the one that the spell is being casted on.
Spirit barriers .2 + per second Creates a protective barrier of a five foot radius around the caster protecting them from low level offensive ability that are linked to any other plain that is not the Echo Ipara plain.
Soul summon 15 +

.2 + while in use

Creates a physical manifestation of part of the caster's soul into a weapon.

(The weapon depends on the person's soul and personality)

Meditation None Generates two spiritual energy and repair any damages done to the soul by balancing the mind with the soul.

Crimson Night Plain Edit

The crimson night plain mainly focuses on the inner darkness and corruption that lays in dormant inside the soul increasing in strength by feeding on the user's anger and hatred and using that energy to turn it into a destructive offensive attack to destroy their targets physically and spiritually leaving most places that have been affected by such abilities as spiritual dead where not even the most peaceful of yokai could survive in for long due to the residual negative spiritual energy corrupting and destroying the souls of all who enter. (soul pollution)

Here are the abilities that all souls that are connected to Crimson Night plain can use

Abilities Cost Effect
Rampaging darkness .6 - per second

deactivates when

caster reaches a spiritual energy level of 30

The user is cloaked in an black veil of negative energy letting themselves be completely consumed by their inner most demons cause them to quadruple their strength, but causing them to lose all sense of their humanity and reasoning making them likely to attack all who are nearby enemy or not. (The caster commonly loses consciousness after the ability deactivates)
Rage of

the beast

.8 - per second

deactivates when

caster reaches a spiritual energy level of 45

The user takes the form of an human oni hybrid allowing the user to tap into the true nature of the crimson night plain and use the power of the powerful oni that reside there. (User partially maintains their sense of reason, but not their humanity, After the ability deactivates the user will extremely weaken , and have no recollection of what has occurred but will be able maintain a partial level of consciousness)
Healing flames 16 - Cloaks the caster in black flames that heals the caster,While the ability is active the user will feel as if their body is being consumed by a raging inferno causing an immense burning pain to radiate throughout their body till either the user's the body is destroyed faster than it can heal or the user loses consciousness from the pain this ability causes.
Nocturnal instinct none The user mind is swapped with the mind of their dark side causing the original user to become unaware while their darker side is in control. This ability will repair the user soul while the user mind and soul is in its dormant state.The crimson side can't maintain control over the individual longer than three hours without losing the link with the crimson night plain thus being destroyed.

Eterna Frostica Plain Edit

The eterna frostica plain is a form of reality that is stabilized by the sorrow and suffering of human souls. The souls that are linked with this plain turns the pain and grief they have felt throughout their life into a powerful force causing most who are linked with this reality to be as cold as the reality itself.Many of those who are connected to this reality are quite commonly pessimistic and don't care if they live or die because more often than not they feel as if they have nothing left to live for, and only care about the survival and happiness of others and not their own.

These are the abilities that most if not all souls connected to the Eterna Frostica Plain can use.

Abilities Cost Effect
Avala Scuris 23 / Creates multiple ice clones of the user to attack the enemy.
Grieving blizzard 64 / Creates a black blizzard that causes the souls of all who get caught in it to deteriorate till the soul ceases to exist (Does not affect the user.The user absorbs the spiritual energy of their fallen victims.)
Cryo Mortis 33 / Encases a single enemy in ice while causing all bodily and brain functions to cease in their victim
Iciclis Myrios .2 / Encases the user in a block of ice putting the user in a coma like state while healing the user's body and soul.

Hunted Wilderness Edit

This reality is meant primarily for the souls of deceased animals who have died at the hands of hunters who don't use the whole corpse of their kill and those who have died at the hands of poachers.Despite being primarily inhabited by animal souls there are some human souls who have died in the wilderness by environmental cause and those who have been killed by predators. The souls of the living that are linked with this reality are few and far in between since there were few rifts for this reality that had opened at the time of the collapse, but the ones that are connected are extremely powerful and well connected with the souls of the animals and their own spirit animal.

These are the abilities that those who wields this power share

Abilities Cost Effect
Transform 30 x Allows the user to transform into humanoid version of their spirit animal
Transformation revision 20 x Allows the user to return to being human
Nature's intinstict static Heightens the user animalistic instincts while generating 1 x per minute
Regeneration 40 x Heals the users injuries
Nature's rage 60 x The user allows their animalistic side to completely take over to double their physical attributes and cloaks them in protective aura that takes the form of their spirit animal. (The use has no control over their actions so they could be a threat to their allies)

The Void Edit

Like the Hunted Wilderness the souls connected to this reality are even rarer being that only about 10 rifts haven opened across the entirety of China. Primarily the void only affects the most corrupted of individuals.Those who are connected to this reality have had to accept their of to the overseers by making spiritual sacrifices to the overseers in return granting them the powers they bestowed upon. These individuals are commonly known as Phurrooks (Reaper Demons) and are by far the most dangerous and inhumane of people.

Here are the abilities the most void user share.

Abilities Cost Effect
Conquitus Sensos 5= Reanimates the dead
Cruor Malos 20 = Creates zombified clone thralls of the user to attack the enemy.
Vigos Anae 5= Causes a reanimated corpse to mutate into a powerful demi demon
Caedos Sigmus 60= Summons the tormented souls trapped in Jigoku and the fallen soldiers of old
Extos Acidos 20= Turns the blood of their victims into spiritual energy that the user can use to heal them self